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Student Testimonial

This was great. The format was excellent for learning on your terms/pace and adds long-term value by providing an excellent continued education opportunity, material you can refer back to when needed for specific examples and problems. Learned so much, a skill set that will be in high demand/utilized in any type of economic condition. And, taught by someone that brought real life experiences to the lecture and SRO, truly a subject matter expert.


Student Testimonial

After reviewing several online courses, I finally told myself to make a decision based on the information I had.  I could have easily spent another 6 months reviewing my many options, but I really wanted to get started on a course this summer while I had a little more free time.  Your course definitely stood out among the others - especially in the area of personal mentoring which is very important to me.

My education includes a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering.  Even though I have over 10 years experience, I have not been a practicing engineer for the past 14 years (have been teaching).  I would like to get back into engineering and thought the black belt training would be very beneficial.  My goal is to become certified.

The optional slide guide will definitely be a bonus and time saver.  Taking notes with the guides saved 40% of the time required to view today's session!  

I appreciated your suggestion on nonprofits as an option for a project.  That opens up a lot of opportunities I never considered.  There are a few local organizations that we support - would love to consider offering my time to benefit their causes.



Student Testimonial

I have recently completed the "Six Sigma Course." My background is in Engineering, which includes a graduate degree. I have spent the last ten years in the Quality and Reliability field, and have never fully grasped the concepts and principles of statistics until this course.

I signed up for the Six Sigma Black Belt class to further my understanding of statistics, reliability, and to assist in solving some of the reliability problems experienced by my current employer in manufacturing electronic equipment. The Six Sigma class was taught in a comprehensive and practical manner with numerous case studies. It provided much more than the typical statistics found in many Six Sigma course outlines. The in-depth explanations of how, when, and why, enabled the students to go beyond the use of the tools and advance toward mastery of the Six Sigma material. I found the course to be an exceptional educational experience. The material presented is invaluable in learning new methods and techniques to solve problems, establish business performance excellence, and make decisions that are beneficial to the long-term financial performance of an organization. Personally, I have added numerous tools to my skill set that will enhance my professional development, and I have already been able to utilize the material to benefit my company. I have a greater appreciation for the powerful tools associated with Six Sigma and its value in achieving success in any organization.


Student Testimonial

I found the Six Sigma course extremely interesting and appropriate for our times, as US companies in many industries strive to regain a competitive edge in the global economy of this century. The format and the general layout of the topics was very well designed and easy to follow. The tools introduced in this course were extremely powerful and the know-how about how to identify, assess and manage opportunities for improvement was invaluable.

The convenience of being able to view the sessions on-line, along with the availability of the instructor to answer any questions, made the entire learning experience more effective for someone like myself with a tight schedule in today's fast paced world. I would recommend this course to anyone involved in management, decision making and problem solving who wants to take their company to the next level by implementing an ongoing business performance improvement strategy throughout their organization.


News Flash

Six Sigma's lead instructor Steven Ouellette wrote an article with Dr. Jeffrey Luftig on "The Decline of Ethical Behavior in Business."



Six Sigma Online's lead instructor Steven Ouellette was profiled in the June 2008 issue of Quality Digest magazine. If you want to learn more about Steve's peculiar view of the world, as well as what he studied for a year in Europe, read the profile online.




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