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Student Testimonial

After reviewing several online courses, I finally told myself to make a decision based on the information I had.  I could have easily spent another 6 months reviewing my many options, but I really wanted to get started on a course this summer while I had a little more free time.  Your course definitely stood out among the others - especially in the area of personal mentoring which is very important to me.

My education includes a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering.  Even though I have over 10 years experience, I have not been a practicing engineer for the past 14 years (have been teaching).  I would like to get back into engineering and thought the black belt training would be very beneficial.  My goal is to become certified.

The optional slide guide will definitely be a bonus and time saver.  Taking notes with the guides saved 40% of the time required to view today's session!  

I appreciated your suggestion on nonprofits as an option for a project.  That opens up a lot of opportunities I never considered.  There are a few local organizations that we support - would love to consider offering my time to benefit their causes.



Random Heresy

As you read this you will, no doubt, have already made (and perhaps broken) your New Year’s resolutions. I’d like to propose one that we, as business leaders, have a special responsibility to follow and whose failure we hear about in the news almost every day.

News Flash

Six Sigma's lead instructor Steven Ouellette wrote an article with Dr. Jeffrey Luftig on "The Decline of Ethical Behavior in Business."



Six Sigma Online's lead instructor Steven Ouellette was profiled in the June 2008 issue of Quality Digest magazine. If you want to learn more about Steve's peculiar view of the world, as well as what he studied for a year in Europe, read the profile online.