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Why Choose Six Sigma Online?

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Advantages for:

Individuals love Six Sigma Online because:
  • You now have access to the most advanced Six Sigma training course on your own schedule and location.
  • You can increase your value to a current or future employer
  • Our training has been used at multinational corporations and honed over decades in the business environment, and that means that you get the tools you need to be effective.
Businesses love Six Sigma Online because:
  • It is affordable per student
  • There is no in-person training, saving on travel costs for instructors or students
  • If a group is going through the training together, instructors can hold a once-a-month debrief for the participants to review topics, applications, or even analyze project data
  • Every student gets a high-quality, identical experience presented by an expert in the field, so the message is consistent for everyone


Recent Articles

Steve Ouellette's Blog

  • Experience Teaches Nothing

    You’ve seen the situation – a manager makes the same mistakes over and over, an executive reads a book or article and decides to implement it at their organization. Why do they fail when they try to use their own or someone else’s experience? It’s because experience alone teaches nothing.

  • One Simple Rule To Control A Business: Emergent Behavior

    Even a small business is pretty complicated. I have heard some people say that business is so complicated that no one can really understand or control one. While the former might be true, you don’t need to understand everything about a business to manage it. And it can be understood by watching flocks of birds.

  • How is Making Metrics Like an Organ Transplant?

    Most businesses know the importance of using metrics to manage, but a lot of them struggle with creating metrics that actually fulfill their purpose. How do they go wrong, and how is hiring an external consultant to tell you the “right” metrics like getting an organ transplant that fails?

  • Management vs. Project Metrics

    One thing I run into at many clients is that they don’t differentiate between metrics for a project and metrics used in management. How does confusing the two reduce your effectiveness and how can you fix it?

  • Statistical Management Control?

    I was looking for a quick source to give a client an overview of what statistical process control (SPC) is. I found an article on Wikipedia, but, as is usual with SPC articles, it made a common, but in my mind crucial, omission.

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