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Individuals love Six Sigma Online because:
  • You now have access to the most advanced Six Sigma training course on your own schedule and location.
  • You can increase your value to a current or future employer
  • Our training has been used at multinational corporations and honed over decades in the business environment, and that means that you get the tools you need to be effective.
Businesses love Six Sigma Online because:
  • It is affordable per student
  • There is no in-person training, saving on travel costs for instructors or students
  • If a group is going through the training together, instructors can hold a once-a-month debrief for the participants to review topics, applications, or even analyze project data
  • Every student gets a high-quality, identical experience presented by an expert in the field, so the message is consistent for everyone


Recent Articles

Steve Ouellette's Blog

  • Is Your Company An Orchestra or a Jazz Band?

    I grew up in New Orleans, a city justly renowned for its music history. Watching a band play in Preservation Hall is an education in many things, but it might also be a lesson in how to execute a strategic plan.

  • Trying to Please Everyone Means That You Don’t Please Anyone

    If Abe Lincoln had been a marketing manager today, well, the US would be a whole lot worse off. But if he were, he might say “You can please some of your customers all of the time, and all of your customers some of the time, but if you try to please all of your customers all of the time, you will please no one.” What is a company to make of that?

  • Right Data > Big Data

    “Big Data” is big right now. It offers the promise of turning vast amounts of data into profits. Often, however, this promise is not fulfilled, because in order to reap the benefits of big data, you first have to know what the right data is. And that is a question that no AI can yet answer.

  • The Metrics Catch-22

    Joseph Heller’s dark satire Catch-22 proposes the term for problems that inherently prevent their own solutions. Creating good metrics can be seen as a Catch-22: Good metrics take time to create, but until you have good metrics there is no time to create them. How true is this and is there a way to break this cycle?

  • It’s Going to be Harder Than You Think to Go Back to the Workplace

    I lived in Western Europe for a year after college when I was a Watson Fellow. Adapting to new cultures and mores was difficult, but I was surprised at how much more difficult it was returning to my own country afterwards.

    As we near the milestone in the US of 50% with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, it is time to think about how to begin the transition back to the workplace. I think companies are going to find out that it is much more difficult than just “getting back to normal.” I can offer some things from quality and management to help out.

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