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Six Sigma Online is your source for The ROI Alliance‚Äôs Six Sigma Black Belt training on-disc. Our course is the finest combination of skills you will need to run a team effectively from problem definition to successful completion.

Meeting a Need

While teaching and implementing Six Sigma onsite is very effective, we found that not all businesses or individuals had the opportunity to learn these powerful problem-solving tools. The ROI Alliance created Six Sigma Online to open up access to our world-class Black Belt training, providing it on disc and online to a whole new audience.


Steven Ouellette
Steven OuelletteLead Instructor
Your instructor is Steven Ouellette, BSMT, MSEng, author, speaker, and president of The ROI Alliance, LLC. He has been working and teaching in process design and improvement since 1992, both as an engineer and later as a consultant working in many different industries. He received a Black Belt from Motorola University and a Master Black Belt from Luftig & Warren International. He has a real talent for making what can seem obscure easy to understand, and for showing his students the real-life applications of these tools.

Topics Covered

How to Choose a Project, Start and Run a Team


How to Define the Opportunity


How to Measure the Current State


How to Improve the Process


How to Control the Improved Process



...and much more. See the course Outline for it all!


Is this course a lot of esoteric statistics?

While we do spend a lot of time on statistics, it is because these powerful tools are what enable you to be able to solve problems that have been considered impossible. But we promise - we only teach you what you need to know to be successful. We have selected statistical proceudres that we have used over the years ourselves because they come up in real life.

That said, a Black Belt needs to be good with people, know how to run a team, and know how to interpret what the statistics are saying (and not saying) so expect to learn these important skills as well.


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