The course can be viewed either online or on DVD-ROM discs for your computer.

Above is a reduced size snapshot of what the course looks like.

On the left is a small video of the instructor, while on the right is a large picture of the slide, with any annotations appearing real time. When the instruction switches to one of the software applications, each step is captured to show you how to use the program. You can see a class video here. You will see that there is a player where you can skip ahead, volume control, playback speed control, and a table of contents so you can jump right to the topic you want.

Each disc contains the information from an equivalent week of training, in total four weeks of class time. We recommend that you plan on covering the content in the disc in about a month, with the third disc possibly taking up to two months to complete. During the video, there will be times to pause the recording and try the new technique on your own. Upon resuming the video, the instructor will then go through the same problem, so you can compare your answers.

At the end of each disc, there is an online exam covering important topics from that disc. You must achieve at least an 80% to progress, but you can change your answers on the exam if you get any wrong, at a slight penalty.